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Are Bath Bombs Safe for Children?

Bath bombs are a great way to liven up bath time but recently bath bombs have made headlines about if they are safe. Like many of the beauty products we've unknowingly used and loved for years bath bombs have fallen victim to what in that tiny list of words that is known as the ingredient list. Many of the old recipes for many mass manufactured bath bombs have dangerous ingredients such as toxic fragrances, dyes, glitters, and other harmful ingredients.

What are the harmful ingredients that are commonly found in bath bombs?

Fragrances- fragrances have become a growing issue as a health concern in many of the products that are used to create good smells. Companies are not legally required to disclose what fragrances are being used to create the captivating smells that most people love. Some fragrances that are found in candles, bath bombs, and other smell goods that are topically ingested through the skin or the nose.

Artificial dyes especially some red dyes have been linked to higher instances of ADHD in children who've been exposed to the dye in higher amounts.

It is important to stay away from artificial ingredients that you are not familiar with.

Should I Use Bath Bombs?

With a growing awareness of the importance self care it is important that something like bath bombs that have aided in the bath time process for many years is made with a safe formula that allows the body to reap the maximum health benefits while also creating a relaxing environment. Bath bombs can act as a water softener and a moisturizer which can leave the skin feeling soft and renewed. What is important when choosing a bath bomb is making sure that the ingredients are non toxic. A good way to determine if the product is good quality and safe for you are if the ingredients are all things you can pronounce and are fairly familiar with. If most of these familiar ingredients are things that you can find in your pantry then that's even better.

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